Item# plammers

Product Description


You’ll wonder how you ever got along without this tool!

It drives stakes and nails, stretches wire, pulls staples, cuts wire, tightens wire, makes eyes in ends of broken wire, cuts length of wire for splice, and attaches splice to fence wire.

Features a long, smooth claw to fit under wires and close nails; auxiliary cutter; wire holder for stretching, holding barbed wire or pulling long nails; long smooth handle for twist tightening wire; waffle head hammer; wire cutter blades; and has marks for spacing 4- and 5-wire fences.

Constructed of S-5 tool steel.

Plammers are 10-1/2" long and weighs 28 ounces.

Saddle Plammers are a smaller version of the Plammers and are easily packed on horseback! 9" long and only 16 ounces!